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Casino Parties New Jersey Photo Kiosk

Our Casino Parties New Jersey Photo Kiosk is our most innovative product yet — a self-service, digital photo kiosk that can easily be customized for your event. Gone are the days of waiting for printed photos that are never picked up.  Our photo kiosk sends your images with in seconds by text or email to your personal account. It then may be shared with friends or on social media. In addition, we store a master copy of each photo transmitted on our server and send you a zipped file of all of your photos with 24 hours of your event’s conclusion.

An open-air photo booth is a stand alone photo kiosk, with a camera and a touchscreen that takes a picture of people.

Included with all rentals:
Photo device
Casino Theme
Tripod stand
Rechargeable battery
Text or Email message delivery
Optional digital photo gallery
Free Set Up & Delivery with any casino package
***WiFi Connection is required onsite


Our digital photo kiosk is so easy to use!  Guests simply tap on the welcome screen once to start the process. They then have 5 seconds to strike a pose as an individual or group. Once the photo is taken they can choose to save or do over. Next, guest can choose from six different casino overlays to enhance their image. When completely satisfied with the image, guest opt to either send the image via text or email by entering their phone number or address. With in just a few minutes, the images are transmitted and can be downloaded or shared.

Sample Casino Photo Overlays

Flat Rate Pricing

Our custom digital photo kiosk may ONLY be rented in conjunction with the rental of any of our casino games. It may NOT be rented as a stand alone unit.  We offer the simple flat rate pricing of $400 for up to 4 hours of service and unlimited photos.  When ready, just add it to your order when booking your event.

Actual Sample Images Taken With Our Photo Kiosk

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is needed?
We generally recommend an area 4′ x 4′ for guests to pose.

Is there an actual booth provided?
NO, this is an open air kiosk/photo booth. No booth is required or supplied by us.

Is a backdrop included?
Backdrops are not included. Get creative with DIY backdrops or decor within your event space!

Do you provide props?
Props are not included but can be easily an inexpensively purchased from Amazon or Oriental Trading Company.

Can this be used outdoors?
Yes, as long as we are not shooting in to the sun, it is not too windy, and you have a strong Wifi connection present outside.

Do I need to have WiFi access?
Yes! This is an absolute must for these systems to work.

How do my guests receive their photos?
Guests receive their photos by email or text.

Are all of the photos saved?
No, only photos that users send are saved. If a user does not send his or her photo to an email or phone number, the photos are not saved to the event gallery.

Does it have to be plugged in?
No! It runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours. So it can be placed anywhere there is WiFi access.

Can I print out the photos?
No, this is a digital photo booth only. It is eco-friendly!  Individuals can post their photos to their own social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or they can choose their own method for downloading the photo from their device and printing.