Casino Parties Of New Jersey

Planning A House Party?
Here is what you need to know before booking your event!

If you are planning to hold your casino party in your home as opposed to a venue,
here is what you need to know before you book your event with us.

If you party is to take place outdoors in your driveway or backyard, it must be on your property and not accessible to the general public. We will only provide service at a home for a private event. 
1. Set up area should be reasonably level. If on grass, it should be mowed ahead of time.
2. Casino games are ideally set up in a shaded area or under a tent for the comfort of both your guests and dealers.
3. If the event is occurring in the evening after dark, you will need to provide lighting in the area as well.
4. If you have not scheduled a rain date in advance, you should have a contingency plan in place in case the weather turns bad.

Please see our full weather and cancellation policies on our website at

You will be still be responsible for full payment if –
1. You call us to cancel or postpone the event after the delivery trucks have left the warehouse to deliver the equipment to the client site.
2. You decide to bring the event indoors because of the weather but does not notify us of such a decision prior to the trucks leaving the warehouse and said equipment no longer fits in the available indoor space. You will still be responsible for the full amount for all equipment and personnel as contracted for. If you contact us before we leave the warehouse, you may switch equipment for that of equal value which will fit in your indoor space. 
3.If the event is in progress as denoted by the start time on the agreement and weather occurs and no provision has been made to move the event indoors or cover/tent the event, and the event needs to end as a result of weather conditions, you will still be responsible for the full balance of the contracted agreement.


Ideally, we recommend hosting the party on the first floor of your home but realize that this may not always be feasible. If you decide to have it in a basement or on the second floor, please be aware that not all of our tables can be easily moved up and down stairs unless there is a straight path. Our Craps and Roulette Tables are usually required to be on the first floor of a home as they are not as portable.

In other words, the stairs cannot have any turns midway or U-shaped curves at the top or bottom. The only exception to this is our portable blackjack or three-card poker tables. If you’re uncertain whether a particular setup will work, please feel free to send us a photo of the space or stairs for our evaluation. Sorry but we can not come out in advance for site surveys for house parties.

It’s important to note that if you place an order and we send our staff and equipment to your home, you’ll still be charged the full price even if the equipment doesn’t fit.

1. We will not conduct a fundraiser of any sort in a private home.
2. Any celebration, should be in accordance with any local township ordinances or guidelines, especially if outdoors.